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PLEASE NOTE: Certain information on this page may change soon.

Important changes related to McKinney-Vento were included in recent updates to New York Education Law § 3209. The changes to state law went into effect on April 20, 2017 and may result in a change to the currently used STAC designation procedure in the near future. Please continue to check here for updated information about how new regulations will impact procedures in New York State, and as always, feel free to contact NYS-TEACHS at (800)-388-2014 with any questions you may have

STAC Designation Forms and Procedures

STAC (System to Track and Account for Children) and Special Aids Unit is the office within the NYS Education Department (SED) that processes requests for reimbursement. This includes reimbursement approval for students who have been designated as homeless.

The form that school districts use to request tuition reimbursement for the cost of educating students in temporary housing is known as the STAC-202 form. SED uses the STAC-202 forms for reimbursement purposes only. School districts also use the STAC-202 form to collect data on students who have been identified as homeless. Completed STAC forms help districts report number of students who are homeless in the school district. STAC 202 forms should be completed for each student identified as homeless, but districts should only forward the completed STAC 202 to SED if the district is eligible for reimbursement for the student.

When is a school district eligible for reimbursement/additional state aid for instruction for a student in temporary housing?

Districts can receive reimbursement or additional state aid for instruction from SED for educating students in temporary housing if the student was last permanently housed in a different school district in NYS. If a student is enrolled in the school district of origin, the district of origin is not eligible for reimbursement. However, if the student in temporary housing has decided to attend school in the new district of current location, which by definition is different from the district of origin, the new local district is eligible for reimbursement. To start the reimbursement process, a STAC-202 form should be completed and sent to the STAC Office at SED.

Approximately 2-3 weeks after receiving the STAC 202, the student's name should be in the STAC Mainframe. The school district can then enter the dates of service (i.e. period of enrollment), type of program (general education, special education, BOCES, etc.) in the DSHOM (District Service Homeless) screen. (Please note, STAC 4 forms are no longer used. Instead, the information entered in the DSHOM screen is used.) The STAC Unit sends Homeless Eligibility Reports to districts 2-3 times a year listing all students who have an open STAC202 for the year with no corresponding DSHOM approval.

At the end of each school year, or program year, each school district should go to the DVHOM (District Verification Homeless) screen and verify all of the information in the STAC mainframe. This screen is sometimes referred to as the AVL (Automated Verification List).

After the student has been verified in the STAC mainframe, the district will receive an Approved Payment Report in the mail and then an electronic transfer of funds. Typically, payment will be made during the spring following the service year of the Homeless Reimbursement Approval (i.e. first payment for students in temporary housing enrolled in the district of current location during the 2016-17 school year will be issued in approximately March of 2018).

If you have questions, please contact the STAC Office for more information at: (518) 474-7116.

What is a STAC-202 form?

A STAC-202 form is the designation form school districts must use to identify students who are homeless and to indicate in what district the students will be attending school. It is also the reimbursement form used by the school district of current location to seek tuition aid from the State Education Department in cases where the student was last permanently housed in a different NYS district. (N.Y. Education Law § 3209(2)(e)).

When does a STAC-202 form need to be filled out?

A STAC-202 form should be filled out for each student designated as homeless and attending school in the district. (N.Y. Education Law § 3209(2)(e)).

Who fills out a STAC-202 form?

The person who decides where the student will attend school should also fill out a STAC-202 form indicating which school the student is going to attend. Under state law, parents, persons in parental relation, students whose parents are unavailable, and directors of residential runaway and homeless youth programs, may decide where the student will attend school. (N.Y. Education Law § 3209(2)(e)).

Who gets copies of the completed STAC-202 form?

Copies of the form should be given to several parties:

  1. State Education Department, STAC Unit, if the student was last permanently housed in a different district in NYS from the district of attendance (the district where enrollment is sought),
  2. School district of attendance (district where enrollment is sought),
  3. School district of origin (district where the student was last permanently housed),
  4. School district where the student was most recently enrolled,
  5. Parent/Guardian/Unaccompanied youth/director of a residential program for runaway and homeless youth, and
  6. Local Department of Social Services (DSS), only if the student was placed in temporary housing by DSS. (N.Y. Education Law § 3209(2)(e); 8 N.Y.C.R.R. § 100.2(x)(3)).

When should a STAC-202 form be sent to SED?

District liaisons should send completed STAC-202 forms to SED for tuition reimbursement when the student was last permanently housed in a different district within NYS.

Should STAC-202 forms be submitted to SED if a student is attending school in the district of origin?

No. The school district of origin should not submit STAC-202 forms to SED, but should keep them on file in the district for record keeping purposes.

Does a new STAC-202 form need to be filled out for the same student each year?

No, the STAC-202 form is open-ended and the STAC office will not change the designation of "homeless" until someone informs them that the student is no longer homeless.

Is a parent/guardian signature necessary to send in the STAC-202 form?

Not always. If the parent is unable to sign the form or if the form is for an unaccompanied youth, the person submitting the form can do so without getting the parent's signature. Delays in the completion of the STAC form should not result in delays to enrollment, because students are entitled to immeidate enrollment under McKinney-Vento. 42 U.S.C. § 11432(g)(3)(C).

What are the DSHOM and DVHOM screens?

The DSHOM (District Service Homeless) and DVHOM (District Verification Homeless) screens in the STAC mainframe are used to approve and verify tuition reimbursement or additional aid for instruction for students in temporary housing. On the DSHOM screen in the STAC Mainframe, districts enter the dates of service and type of program. At the end of each school year, districts verify all of the information on the DVHOM (District Verification Homeless) screen in the STAC mainframe.

Does a new STAC-202 form need to be submitted when a student moves from one temporary address to another?


Does a new STAC-202 form need to be submitted when a student moves into permanent housing?

No, but the LEA liaison should fill in question number 10, "Date Placed in Permanent Housing," and re-submit the form to the necessary people.

Where can you get a STAC form?

STAC forms are available on our website and also from all school districts, LEA liaisons, departments of social services, and runaway and homeless youth shelters. (N.Y. Education Law § 3209(2)(e); 8 N.Y.C.R.R. § 100.2(x)(3)).

Where should a completed STAC form be sent?

Completed STAC forms can be faxed to: (518) 402-5047 or mailed to:
New York State Education Department (SED)
STAC and Special Aids Unit
Room 514W EB
Albany, NY 12234

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