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Research on Homeless Education

Click on the links below to learn more about current and former research conducted on the topic of homeless education.

On the Map: The Dynamics of Family Homelessness in New York City 2017

This report from the Institute of Children, Poverty, and Homelessness presents information on family homelessness in New York City. The report breaks down data on homelessness by neighborhood and by city council district.

Classrooms with Revolving Doors: Recommended Practices for Teachers of At-Risk and Highly Mobile Students

Teachers whose classrooms seem to have revolving doors with students entering, withdrawing, and even re-entering throughout the school year, face a variety of challenges in meeting the needs of such highly mobile students and their more stable peers. These two briefs describe some the challenges and offers recommendations to teachers based on the literature and case studies of award-winning teachers with a variety of students in their classrooms who moved frequently. One of the briefs covers Elementary Teachers and the other covers High School and Middle School Teachers

Effective Teaching and At-Risk/Highly Mobile Students: What Do Award-Winning Teachers Do? [PDF]

This study, designed jointly by the National Center for Homeless Education and The College of William and Mary, explores the critical role of the classroom teacher in contributing to the education of at-risk and highly mobile students. The study includes a review of the literature on the effective teaching of at-risk and highly mobile students and an exploration of the beliefs and practices of six teachers who won national and/or state awards for working with these populations.

National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE) Abstract Bibliography of Homeless Education Resources: 2008 [PDF]

This abstract bibliography lists and describes a selection of publications released in 2008 that deal with issues related to the lives and education of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE) Mobility Study Bibliography [Word doc]

This NCHE bibliography, updated in August 2009, provides a comprehensive listing of research studies addressing the issue of mobility and its effects on a child's or youth's education.

Unaccompanied and Homeless Youth Review of Literature (1995-2005) [PDF]

This review is based on literature published between 1995 and 2005 on issues concerning unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness. It provides an overview of the challenges these young people face and includes research about why they leave their homes, how they live after leaving, and what interventions are being used to assist them.

Up Against the Odds: New York City's Homeless Children Lose Out in School (2006)

This report found that increased efforts must be made to ensure the protection of homeless students' legal rights to education in New York City. The report underscores the importance of providing educational stability to homeless children and youth, and the need for increased coordination among city agencies and the New York City Department of Education to provide services to these students.

For more information, please see: Data and Statistics on Homelessness


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