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Data and Statistics on Homelessness

Click on the links below to learn more about data and statistics with regards to students in temporary housing.

Data on Homelessness
in New York State

SIRS Data on Student Homelessness

These spreadsheets contain data on the number of students who experienced homelessness at any point in the indicated school year. The data were collected by the New York State Education Department in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS) and reflect students enrolled in New York State School Districts and New York State Charter Schools.

BEDS Data on Student Homelessness

Data on students experiencing homelessness were collected in the Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) prior to 2009-10. This spreadsheet contains BEDS data on students who experienced homelessness, collected from New York State School Districts and New York State Charter Schools in 2007-08 and 2008-09.

Please contact Emily Kramer with any questions about data on students experiencing homelessness.

Local Poverty Rates & Student Homelessness

Poverty data can be a useful tool for districts in estimating the approximate number of students who may experience homelessness. According to the Urban Institute (2001, available here), approximately ten percent of children living in poverty will experience homelessness in a given year. Poverty data can be accessed through the U.S. Census Bureau.

Please note that there are many factors outside of poverty that contribute to homelessness (for example, natural disasters, house fires, domestic violence) that may affect the reported number of homeless students. These data should not be viewed as quotas but as rough guidelines to assist school staff and service providers in thinking about the possible prevalence of homelessness in a community.

This spreadsheet includes data broken down for each NYS school district with the following information:

  • Estimated number of children ages 5-17 (school-age children) living in poverty (2011 data)
  • 10% of children ages 5-17 living in poverty
  • Total number of students identified as homeless by the district (2012-13 data)
  • Number of students possibly under-identified as homeless

The poverty data come from the U.S. Census Bureau. The homeless data come from the State Education Department. The number of students possibly under-identified was calculated by subtracting the homeless data from the 10% of children living in poverty data.

Additional Resources

Kids Count 2008 Data Book Online

This website provides data from the 2008 Kids Count Data Book in an easy-to-use online database format. It allows you to generate custom graphs, maps, ranked lists, and state-by-state profiles. You can also download the entire data set as delimited text files, read the book online, view the book in PDF format, order a free hard copy of the Data Book, and access Data Books from previous years. The Data Book provides data on a variety of indicators of child well-being.

National Center for Education Statistics

The National Center for Education Statisics (NCES) is the primary federal entity responsible for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the United States.

U.S. Census Bureau Poverty Data for NYS School Districts

This U.S. Census Bureau website provides data on the relevant poverty rates of familes with students aged 5-17 for each school district. Choose New York State from the drop-down menu.

For more information, please see: Research on Homeless Education


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