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Top 10 Resources for Liaisons

Whether you're new to the McKinney-Vento Liaison role or looking for a refresher course, these resources will get you started.

  1. Liaison Responsibilities Webinar
    Recording of NYS-TEACHS’ introductory webinar for liaisons in New York State.

  2. Sept 2017 NYSED Field Memo: Implementation of Changes to Education Law §3209 and Commissioner’s Regulation §100.2(x)
    McKinney-Vento was reauthorized in 2015 and NYS Education Law was updated in 2017. This Field Memo summarizes those changes.

  3. Determining Eligibility for McKinney-Vento Rights and Services
    One of our favorite go-to resources, this guide from the National Center for Homeless Education provides tools for understanding McKinney-Vento eligibility.

  4. Transportation Guide for Students in Temporary Housing
    This 2-page chart summarizes transportation rights and responsibilities for students experiencing homelessness in New York State.

  5. Trailer for The Homestretch
    The Homestretch is a moving documentary produced by Spargel Productions and Kartemquin Educational Films about three teenagers experiencing homelessness.

  6. Supporting College Access Checklist
    Consult this checklist for helpful reminders about services and supports to ensure high schoolers experiencing homelessness are ready for post-secondary opportunities.

  7. Video: What is Trauma-Informed Practice?
    This video from Alberta Education provides an overview of the reasons why trauma-sensitive schools are important for kids. Note that the prevalence of childhood trauma in the U.S. is similar to the rate shared in the video.

  8. Tips for Navigating Challenging Conversations
    In order to identify students experiencing homelessness and connect them with supports, liaisons engage in conversations with families about sensitive topics. This guide provides strategies for addressing common challenges.

  9. Funding & Reimbursement Webinar
    Recording of our popular webinar on the various sources of funding and reimbursement to serve students experiencing homelessness.

  10. Data Entry Guide
    What information must LEAs enter in their student management systems? How do LEAs ensure that data are accurate? This guide is a starting point for you and your district’s data coordinator.

Workshops and Training Materials

Training and Workshop Materials