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at Advocates for Children

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To increase awareness about the educational rights of children and youth experiencing homelessness, NYS-TEACHS provides free posters, brochures, training materials, and publications. Click on the links below to view these materials and to order posters and brochures.

Outreach Materials

Order brochures and posters free of charge! NYS-TEACHS provides brochures and posters with information on the educational rights of children and youth who are homeless. Brochures and posters are available in both English and Spanish.

Training and Workshop Materials

Use this webpage to access PowerPoint presentations and Workshops materials explaining the educational rights of students experiencing homelessness in New York State.


Watch a recorded webinar or download powerpoint presentations and other documents from recent webinars offered by NYS-TEACHS.

NYS-TEACHS Publications

Find useful, basic information on transportation and the educational rights of students in temporary housing situations in the form of NYS-TEACHS' short guides for New York State and New York City and our Liaison Toolkit.

Top 10 Resources for Liaisons

Whether you're new to the McKinney-Vento Liaison role or looking for a refresher course, these resources will get you started.

Video Simulation

This video simulation, a collaborative project between NYS-TEACHS and the Urban Arts Partnership, demonstrates the ways in which conversation between school staff and a parent can affect the school registration process. In this Choose Your Own Adventure-style video, you will act as the front line staff at "New City School District". You will be asked to respond to a parent who has come to enroll her daughter in school, and your choices will guide how the conversation unfolds.

Workshops and Training Materials

Training and Workshop Materials