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Busing Information


  • MetroCards for parents in temporary housing to accompany their children (3K-6th grade) to school are available from the school.
  • Schools can request parent MetroCards by emailing

Shelter Transfers and the School Proximity Project

  • Parents can request a shelter transfer to be closer to their children’s school. Families will be transferred if there is an appropriate unit available. To request a transfer, contact the case manager or shelter director.
    • For more information, call NYS-TEACHS 800-388-2014.

Learning Bridges: free childcare

  • Priority given to children in temporary housing
  • Available for 3-k-8th graders
  • Must be participating in blended learning (not available to students doing fully remote instruction)
  • Application available here.


  • Family Welcome Centers are closed but staff are working remotely. Email them for help.

High School Equivalency programs

Early Childhood: Early Learn, Head Start, 3-K, Pre-K

Translation and Interpretation Supports

Special Education

Grab and Go Meals


More questions? Give us a call.

If you have a question, call the NYS-TEACHS Infoline at 800-388-2014.