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If you have a question about whether your child is eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Act, including transportation, school selection, enrollment, and more, call our Infoline at 800-388-2014.

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General Information about McKinney-Vento

  • Posters & Brochures
    Is your housing uncertain? This poster and brochure provide information about the educational rights of students experiencing homelessness.

Early Childhood

College Access

McKinney-Vento Dispute Resolution/Appeal Process

  • Appeal Form
    When a dispute arises about whether a student should be considered homeless or where the student should go to school, the McKinney-Vento liaison must help the parent or youth file an appeal with the Commissioner of the State Education Department using this form. We also have an another version of this form with notes about filling it out available here.
  • Appeal Sample Evidence
    This document provides a list of examples of evidence that families may include in an appeal in order to show that the student is homeless under McKinney-Vento.
  • List of Legal Service Providers
    NYS-TEACHS is a technical assistance center and cannot offer legal advice. You may contact the following agencies for legal advice and/or assistance related to the McKinney Vento dispute process. 

Special Education

Looking for Housing Resources?

NYS-TEACHS is not a direct provider of housing resources, but here are some suggestions for agencies who provide housing services and referrals.

New York State

New York City

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